What we do

Igence Radar Ltd was founded in 1995 to develop and exploit models of all aspects of radar operation and performance.

The team has many years of experience of radar research and technology, working for the UK MoD, UK defence contractors and overseas organisations. This has led to an understanding of the scientific principles of EM scattering, radar signal & clutter fluctuations and processing, which underpin the operation of modern radar systems. Radar signal processing algorithms and concepts, developed for the detection of small targets in clutter, have been widely implemented in both experimental and operational radars. We have also considerable experience of tracking including the development and implementation of novel tracking algorithms and the production of mathematical models characterising their performance.

We have a solid track record of rapidly prototyping radar software applications for MoD and radar primes to analyse trials data to assess radar performance and to de-risk upgrades to radar signal processing. This capability is built on our Virtual Radar Library (ViRad), which is a library of tried and tested C++ classes for radar simulation, signal processing and performance modelling. It allows us to construct a wide range of reliable, bespoke, radar applications in a timely and cost effective manner.

In addition to our work on radar we have also developed more generic image processing algorithms based on the application of Bayesian techniques. These include classification and change detection algorithms for commercial Electro-Optic satellite imagery and the estimation of sea surface heights and slopes from optical satellite images.

Areas of expertise include: